DX-3 Vanguard
High-Endurance Fixed Wing


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25hr flight time
1500km range

Beyond visual line of sight capabilities
Using radio, cell, and satellite

Vertical take-off and landing (VTOL)
Fixed-wing while in-flight

Multiple Payload Packages for Any Mission Type

Create tangible data sets in multiple formats from a single flight with integrated payload packages.
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Aerial Infrared Thermography
NDVI Aerial Thermography
Multispectral Aerial Photography
Hyperspectral Aerial Video Company
Lidar Services in Canada
GIS Mapping Companies

Ruggedized (built to withstand extreme temperatures, winds and precipitation, from arctic to desert)

Up to 5km service ceiling ASL

Collision avoidance using short-range LiDAR range-finding, computer vision avoidance and space-based ADS-B

Robust cloud platform.

Our seamless infrastructure allows data processing and streaming on the fly, securely hosting your data for visualization and sharing.
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Wingspan 4.0 m
Length 2.4 m
Height (landing gear extended) 0.685 m
Height (landing gear retracted) 0.45 m


w/ max gas 34 kg
w/ VTOL batteries + max gas 41 kg
w/ VTOL batteries + max. gas + max. payload 46 kg
airframe and avionics only 27.3 kg

Flight Parameters

Cruise speed 90 to 112 km/h (25 m/s to 28 m/s)
Min/Max speed 60 km/h (stall) to 144 km/h
Min/Max AoA -8 to +8 degrees
Wind resistance 30km/h crosswinds
Service Ceiling 4.0 m
Operating Temperature -15 to +40℉C (-4 to 104℉F)

Avionics & Safety

Payload Options EO/IR, LiDAR mapping, HD infrared, Laser Spectrometer, custom options available
Collision Avoidance Short-range LiDAR range-finding
Computer vision avoidance
ADS-B (space-based or ground-based)
Location GPS, optional RTK
Pilot Navigation 3 x FPV camera (front, left, right) + GPS
Key Safety Features Triple-redundant IMU
Failsafe modes (e.g. hover, return to home)
Optional 1.5kg parachute (detracts from payload mass)

Propulsion Systems

Forward Flight gas engine
VTOL 4 x ducted fans + rotated gas engine
VTOL Batteries 2 x 3.7 kg LiPo batteries (ea. 16000mAh)
Chargers included, 12 min. fast charge per battery
Gasoline fuel Up to 7kg of automotive-grade gasoline

VTOL Transition Parameters

Total VTOL Hovering Time 5 minutes
Climb to 30m (100ft) ~15 seconds
VTOL Transition 12 seconds (no wind)
Note: transition is automated


Deployment Time 5 min to unpack/setup, 5 min to take down/pack
Maintenance Schedule 1,200 hours (MTBOH)
Standards STANAG 4586, DO-256B, IP54
Regulatory Transport Canada Compliant UAV (in progress)
ITAR-free (except for some payloads)
Ground Control Station 5 x 2’ Pelican-encased GCS, fits on 6 x 3’ foldout table
Alternative: Mercedes Sprinter with ‘mobile command centre’ loadout


Radio 900MHz and 2.4GHz radios, up to 10km
Directional antenna and amplifiers may extend to 100km
Cellular 3G & 4G LTE, capable of streaming live payload, telemetry, and control data
Satellite GEO satellite constellation, global coverage
Up to 100 kbps for telemetry, control and pilot FPV cams

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