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Drone for Wind Turbine Inspections

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) inspections have been highly received due to the safety benefits and cost sensitive approach. The Sky Guy are equipped to inspect your wind assets live and provide immediate high definition imagery and video footage to identify  problems. Avoid costly downtime for fault finding, and improve upon existing maintenance by increasing inspections.

UAS technology provides a game-changing solution for renewables. We inspect live wind turbines and meteorological masts, classify damage and improve your operational  efficiency so you can focus on what important: powering the world.

• Average 15 minute inspection time for tower and blades for 2.5MW wind turbine.
• Geotagged images in digital and thermal, live streamed and hosted on our cloud platform allows for real-time analysis.
• Height restrictions for manned inspections are no longer an issue as the UAV can assess at close range.
• Frequent and Pre-Maintenance inspection is preventative and reduces future costs.

Read our case study on turbine inspections to discover more.

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