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Drones in Oil & Gas Industry

The Sky Guys offer a variety of cutting-edge Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-enabled services to oil and gas firms that are looking to economically acquire data and imagery from the air. Unmanned inspections of your oil and gas sites will provide a safer, cost effective, and quick turnaround of data.

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average cost savings, not including potential lost revenue from downtime.

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than traditional methods requiring scaffolding, rope access and shutdowns.

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eliminate human risk by sending drones into confined spaces, dangerous or hard-to-reach areas.

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average reduced shutdown time from UAV analysis, getting more accurate data more frequently.

Read our case study on flare stack inspections to discover more.

Pipeline Inspection Companies Alberta


  • $37 billion spent annually inspecting pipelines in North America.
  • Manned aircraft are costly, dangerous and prone to human error.
  • Ground-based inspections are slow and inefficient.
  • Our BVLOS platforms and experts can monitor massive pipeline networks in a fraction of the time and cost
Flare Stack Inspection

Live Flare Inspections

  • Inspect live assets from flare stacks, towers, chimneys, underdeck, and confined space.
  • Reduce cost and time by up to 95%, getting more accurate data, more frequently and at no risk.
Twilight of industrial petroleum plant


  • Oil and Gas site mapping and data collection using geo maps and topographical information in 2D, 3D digitization, and 3D visualization.
  • Ultra HD aerial photographs and Ultra HD aerial videos of Wellhead design Gathering lines, Manifolds Gas-Oil Separation Plants (GOSPs) Pumping and compression stations.
  • State of the art UAV/drone equipment offer cost effective, high definition video and imagery inspection of your oil and gas reception facilities, natural gas processing and treating facilities, oil storage and unloading terminals.
  • Monitor and document underground gas storage

Offshore Oil & Gas

  • Ultra high definition video and photography of High pressure/high temperature platforms, integrated decks, compression platforms and wellhead platforms.
  • Gain access to normally unmanned installation (NUI) platforms safely and with time management to cut inspection costs without compromising the integrity of data.
  • Monitor oil and gas processing and storage facilities.

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