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Surveying for Mining

The mining and aggregates industries are increasingly exposed to changes in price and demand, putting pressure on businesses to optimize productivity while maintaining safety and reducing costs.

Now more than ever, drones are becoming the must-have tool for operators to access up-to-date information frequently to better manage their production, assets and land.

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Stockpile Measurement for UAV Mining

Stockpile Management
Drones have completely transformed one of the most common tasks performed on mining and aggregates worksites. Eliminate the need to walk a stockpile. Using a drone, any stockpile can be flown in a few short minutes and uploaded to our secured cloud for accurate volume calculations and comparisons.

Drones for Mining Exploration

Having an accurate and up-to-date visualization of a worksite is an invaluable tool for allowing better site management. The ability to track changes over time against previous data sets and future design surfaces gives you a real-time health-check at any point.

Underground Surveying

Drilling & Blasting
Captured aerial imagery can be processed into accurate 3D models, allowing for drill depth calculations and analysis. Information such as rock type variation in a bench, face angle, pre and post block conditions and blast volumes, muckpile shape, back damage and distribution are all available at the click of a mouse.

Mining Drone Analysis

Getting a look at hard-to-reach or dangerous areas are now easier than ever with drones. Keep a close eye on site boundaries to ensure the surrounding environment is preserved and protected at all times.

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