Flying Car to Roll Out Next Year

Forget calling an uber, you might be calling for a drone taxi in 2018! EHang, a Chinese startup has developed a flying car, the E-184 drone. The battery-powered vehicle is equipped with [...]

Who Is More Likely to Fly a Drone?

The popularity of drones has soared in the last few years, and although it is often assumed that younger generations adopt and utilize new technology first, Drone Usage Report 2017 proves [...]

Airline Begins Testing New Flyox Drone

Astral Aviation is set to begin testing its new Flyox drone in Africa next month. The two-tonne drone was developed in Barcelona, Spain for $1 million dollars and will be used in Africa for [...]

China Paves the Way for Delivery Drones

Courier companies in North America are just now beginning to discuss the possibility of using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) but China has already started making deliveries with drones. Since [...]