The Sky Guys was founded in March 2015 to capitalize on the rapidly expanding commercial drone market. With humble beginnings in real estate, The Sky Guys quickly grew into the largest commercial UAS firm in Canada, bringing the benefits of drone technology to sectors such as oil and gas, power, utilities, wind, infrastructure, construction and engineering.

In our journey providing business insight with UAS tech, we identified several voids in the market and founded Defiant Labs, our advanced R&D arm that focuses on developing leading-edge UAS systems and AI data analytics for military and industry. Defiant Labs enables us to add-value to our clients with bespoke technological solutions and a seamless data management infrastructure.

Servicing most of the Fortune 500 companies with inspections, monitoring, surveying and mapping, TSG now sets it’s sights on the global commercial and
military UAS markets. With eyes to the future and a strong team of engineers, investors and partners, TSG looks forward to continuing to create longterm value for it’s clients around the world.


Business Divisions

We offer the whole value chain, from business problem to business solution to maintenance and operational efficiency. With presence and partnerships around the world, The Sky Guys develops its business activities based on the desire to contribute to economic and social development in the industries in which it operates.

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