About Us

The Sky Guys is the leader in unmanned solutions and technology, leveraging the benefits of UAS platforms to capture, analyze and report on data for business insight in big industry.

Defiant Labs develops proprietary UAS technology and advanced AI data analytics for military and industry.

We offer the whole value chain, from business problem to business solution to maintenance and operational efficiency. With presence and partnerships around the world, The Sky Guys develops its business activities based on the desire to contribute to economic and social development in the industries in which it operates.


Business Divisions

With a heavy emphasis on automating complex, recurring business operations that are required for compliance and growth, The Sky Guys offers leading-edge inspection, monitoring, surveying and mapping solutions to clients across a wide range of sectors. We provide a safer, faster and more cost-effective way of streamlining operations, giving you the business insight you need to make critical decisions on the fly.

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