Changing City Transportation From The Air

Autonomous Flight, a British start-up, has been working on building the Y6S — a drone that will get passengers from Heathrow airport to central London in 12 minutes instead of the usual one hour.

The aircraft, which the company aims to have flying above UK cities within the next five years, seats two people and has a maximum flying speed of 70mph. The vehicle is currently aimed at private users and will be available to purchase for approximately $25,000.

Along with the Y6S, they are also working on the Y6S Plus which seats four people and the AS1, an eight-seater aircraft that is designed to provide transportation for larger groups.

Martin Warner, the founder of Autonomous Flight believes the drone industry has a lot to offer in the future, “One day, absolutely, there’s going to be an air shuttle system and people using autonomous passenger drones or piloted drones as another form of getting to work.”

All Autonomous Flight vehicles have self-piloting capabilities but will be flown by human pilots until regulations change.

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