New Drone Technology Detects Sharks on Beaches

Do you love swimming or surfing? Well, staying safe at the beach just got a lot easier thanks to technological advancements in unmanned aerial devices.

The Shark Spotter, an initiative being tested by the Ripper Group in Australia is developing systems and algorithms that will give drones the ability to scan for sharks on the beach.

Sharks are often hard to spot from the shore or when a swimmer is floating in the water, but they are visible from directly above, which is where drones can help.

The device will be trained to spot common objects such as rocks, boats, surfboards, swimmers, and dangers lurking in the water such as sharks.

The drones will be patrolling the beaches taking real-time video footage in the air, and when a shark is detected, it will generate an alert to the swimmers, surfers, and lifeguards using the built-in speakers.

In the past, Little Ripper drones have also been used to drop off emergency supplies in the water such as whistles, anchors, electromagnetic shark repellent devices, and inflatable lifesavers.

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