The New ”Secret Weapon” in Sports

The Scottish national rugby union (SRU) team has found a unique way to enhance performance by introducing drones into their player performance analysis.

The footage recorded during the games and trainings will be observed to analyze formations, tactics, and overall performance of the players.

Ten performance analysts from the SRU are currently enrolled in training courses and are expected to graduate this month. Upon completing their flight assessments, the operators will be trained and certified to carry out performance analytic assessments using drones.

Having the advantage of being able to replay step-by-step moves with the help of aerial videography is exactly why sports teams across the world have began to experiment with drone technology. By re-watching the games and training sessions, coaches and the players can see themselves from different perspectives which can make it easier to strategize for the future.

“A lot of teams are now using drone technology to film training sessions, so you can review and say to players ‘you’re in this position when you should be in that position’. Managers always see from the sideline and a lot of people wonder why managers go up into the stand, it’s because you can get such a better picture tactically where your men are and how things are going,” says Michael Owen, a former football player from England.

Utilizing drone technology for sports performance has also become increasingly popular in scouting for players.

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