Drone Racing: A Competitive Sport

Drone racing may have started off as an underground event in abandoned warehouses and parking lots, but it is growing and becoming more popular across the globe each day.

The first-person view (FPV) drone racing includes participants wearing goggles or other forms of head-mounted displays that stream the camera footage live from the drones. The objective of the game is to complete an obstacle course as quickly as possible. Spectators are also able to wear goggles which allows them to see what the pilot is seeing.

“I like being able to fly, being able to get in a machine and do things that you couldn’t do even if you were in an aircraft,” said Mark Cocquio, Brisbane racing veteran.

As a result of the growing popularity of drone racing, there are several leagues that organize events in different countries each year such as the Australian Drone Nationals. The official race is held annually and attracts pilots from across the world. It is overseen by the Model Aeronautical Association and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and is one of the most popular events in Australia.

The Drone Racing League, another popular and recognized group, held its first spectator race in 2017 in London’s Alexandria Palace which caught the eyes of many drone enthusiasts. The 2018 championships will be held in Saudi Arabia.

Although fans are allowed to attend these events, drone racing has also caught the eye of many television broadcasters that air the live races including ESPN, CBC, and Fox Sports Asia.

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