Toronto Sun: Sky’s the Limit at Incoming Toronto Drone Show

TORONTO, ONTARIO – (Toronto Sun – Sept. 27, 2017)

The Big Drone Show has landed in Toronto.

The two-day event provides information from manufacturers, software providers, service companies, and guest speakers on the industry as well as information for recreational drone users.

The future use of drones may bring visions of parcels and pizzas delivered to your door, but at present drones are used for surveying properties, agriculture, mapping, or inspecting oil and gas, or power utilities.

“Drones can replace and disrupt the traditional means of data capture using manned aircraft – and being able to replace that completely with a device that flies autonomously is mind-blowing,” said Adam Sax, president and CEO of The Sky Guys.

There is a large gap in the price range for drones displayed at the show. Some sell for a few hundred dollars and others such as the DX-3 – a long-range inspection and monitoring drone – sell for $750,000.

The show runs Sept. 27-28 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.


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