Construction and Drones : Building a Foundation for the Future

Whether building a home or working on a commercial building, the use of drones in construction has been gaining increasingly more interest. According to an article from in 2016, the construction landscape is becoming ever more fascinated with the use of drones and UAVs.  Not only does it offer extreme advantages in terms of the safety of employees, but it also has economic value on the employer side, as it considerably reduces costs.

Of course, a primary concern for companies in the construction industry is providing a safe working environment. In replacing a manned aircraft with a UAV or a drone, not only are the human risks inherent in flying a manned aircraft eliminated, but jobs can be completed much quicker and at a fraction of the cost. With clear advantages over traditional means, UAVs and drones are beginning to play an immense role in the industry. While adoption of the new technology is still gaining ground, it will be interesting to see what the implications are for the industry moving into the future.

Currently one of the biggest uses for drones in this sector is for planning and progress tracking. Through the use of drones, companies are able to quickly capture site shots which cover the entirety of the site, and if desired, also have the ability to conduct surveying/mapping it necessary for that particular project. While this information has been available in the past through alternative means, the use of drones allows for it to be obtained much quicker, and cheaper, which increases efficiencies all around. Drones also offer the flexibility to take simple shots one step further and use specialized software to build 3D virtual models from the photos taken with the use of a drone.

Along with scouting the site before a project commences, drones are also able to quickly capture progress shots throughout the duration of a build. With quick flights being able to capture entire site shots without shutting down construction at all, the benefits of using drones for this type of tracking are quite clear. While many companies have been sticking with traditional means to date, with the increased interest in this young tech. it will be interesting to see where the industry moves within the coming years.

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