Travel and Tourism

Excitement, anticipation and sheer pleasure are the emotions we amplify with our stunning Ultra HD aerial photography and video of any travel and tourism destination.

If you want to promote your tourist attraction or travel destination, The Sky Guys and our state of the art drones are your best partners. In working with your marketing team we can help to show a natural environment or the inside of any building from a profoundly unique perspective.

  • Easily integrated our aerial photos or video into your current or future travel marketing projects.
  • Give tourists stunning footage of your travel destination and activities to help them decide and to give a taste of what they can expect when they arrive.
  • Our creative team will storyboard Ultra HD videos to give tourists an idea of a day at your travel destination.
  • Save thousands of dollars in expenses compared to helicopters and planes, while achieving higher quality photographs and video due to the commercial-grade stabilization technology in all our drones.

This all comes at a fraction the cost of manned aircraft photography and these manned aircraft often have far greater restrictions in comparison to the drones.

Our commercial-grade drones can take steady shots from lower vantage points to allow focus on specific details, or from up high to see the bigger picture of the surrounding area.

You save thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenses while coming out with breathtaking aerial photography and videography to blow your travel and tourism clients away.

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