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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) inspections have been highly received due to the safety benefits and cost sensitive approach. The Sky Guy are equipped to inspect your assets live and provide immediate high definition imagery and video footage to identify problems. Avoid costly circuit outage time or fault finding, and improve upon existing maintenance by increasing inspections.

  • Height restrictions for manned inspections are no longer an issue as the UAV can assess at close range
  • Minimize human exposure to live circuits, open flames, dangerous heights or conditions
  • Faster inspection time without compromising the integrity of valuable information
  • Live inspection avoids a costly shut down
  • Frequent and Pre-Maintenance inspection is preventative and reduces future costs
  • Safe launch point allows your team to be present during flights for real time consulting

We can inspect any of your assets: Hydro Poles, Transition Lines and Power lines, Solar Installations, Wind Turbines, Nuclear Facilities, Chimney and Smoke Stacks, Railways, both still and thermal imagery.

Contact us today to learn how we can improve health and safety, dramatically reduce costs and provide systematic, consistent and unbiased reports.

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