Oil and Gas

The Sky Guys offer a variety of cutting-edge Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-enabled services to oil and gas firms that are looking to economically acquire data and imagery from the air. Unmanned inspections of your oil and gas sites will provide a safer, cost effective, and quick turnaround of data.

Onshore Oil & Gas

  • Oil and Gas site mapping and data collection using geo maps and topographical information in 2D, 3D digitization, and 3D visualization
  • Ultra HD aerial photographs and Ultra HD aerial videos of Wellhead design Gathering lines, Manifolds Gas-Oil Separation Plants (GOSPs) Pumping and compression stations
  • State of the art UAV/drone equipment offer cost effective, high definition video and imagery inspection of your oil and gas reception facilities, natural gas processing and treating facilities, oil storage and unloading terminals
  • Monitor and document underground gas storage


Offshore Oil & Gas

  • Ultra high definition video and photography of High pressure/high temperature platforms, integrated decks, compression platforms and wellhead platforms
  • Gain access to normally unmanned installation (NUI) platforms safely and with time management to cut inspection costs without compromising the integrity of data
  • Monitor oil and gas processing and storage facilities

From Onshore to Offshore Oil and Gas, we’ve got you covered. Our client-focused team operates efficiently and with the highest standard of safety in practice.

Contact us today to learn more about how our Oil and Gas services can save you money, de-risk planned shutdowns and maintenance, eliminate outages, minimize health and safety risks and gain higher quality of information to diagnose problems quickly.

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