Getting into UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), or drones, can be overwhelming. Our consulting services will help!

The biggest issue facing those interested in legally flying a drone for commercial purposes is that there is no set process to get there! Along the way, you’ll find countless obstacles and red tape. We know – we’ve done it! Our focus on safety and a strict standard of excellence has attracted the global attention of Fortune 500 companies and countless firms within the private and public sectors that want to implement drones into their day-to-day operations. Our consulting services will help you get there!

Our Consulting Can Help You:


Our “by-the-book” approach is so refined, that even law enforcement bodies have sought our expertise in implementing best-practices into their operations. When it comes to running a fully legal and licensed operation, you don’t want to take any shortcuts.

  • Aviation insurance, SFOC applications, ground school training
  • Implementing high-level processes and procedures
  • Corresponding with NAV CANADA, Air Traffic Control, and law enforcement
  • Applying for a blanket SFOC Standing Order


We’ve worked with the world’s best design firms to formulate creative marketing and sales solutions to challenging problems. Leverage our breadth of experience in UAVs, coupled with our creative experience and in-house team of industry professionals to tackle any problem you may face relating to design strategy and UAVs. We love helping our clients tell stories.

  • UAV, hull and camera selection
  • Storyboarding, defining a value proposition, and making your message simple
  • Post-production – video and photo editing, color correction, CGI and much, much more!


Our expertise in the UAV world is available on a consulting basis to formulate a plan for your organization to make the leap into using aerial drones. There is a great deal of information and many different options out there, so let us be your guide to save you time and money in determining the best solutions tailored to your organization and your industry.

  • Creating a 2-5 year plan for becoming fully operational with UAVs in-house
  • Cost-benefit, cost-effectiveness, cost-utility, risk-benefit, ROI and economic impact analyses
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